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SRiL in English

"Studia Regionalne i Lokalne"
University of Warsaw
Centre for European Regional
and Local Studies EUROREG
Krakowskie Przedmiescie 30 str
00-927 Warsaw, Poland
 ISSN: 1509-4995 
 The reference version of the journal is the paper version.
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Quarterly „Studia Regionalne i Lokalne” publishes scientific articles, book reviews and conference reports. Email submissions of articles (in Polish or English) should be sent to the address Submission to „Studia Regionalne i Lokalne” is taken to mean that all the listed authors have agreed all the content. The corresponding (submitting) author is responsible for having ensured that this agreement has been reached.

Papers published in our journal should not exceed about 22 pages (40 000 characters, with spaces). A short abstract (max 100 words) and keywords (max 6) should immediately precede the introduction. Basic information about all authors should also be added (affiliation with institution’s address, authors’ e-mails and correspondence postal addresses). All figures, tables and maps (in vector format) should be placed in the article exactly as they should appear in print. References should be cited in text according to the Harvard style.

The journal does not consider contributions under consideration or published elsewhere. Unethical practices (like ghostwriting, guest authorship or plagiarism) are not accepted. If appropriate, funding acknowledgements should be added. Publishing in the journal is based on non-exclusive license agreement, signed with authors of approved articles.

All articles undergo double blind peer-review process, based on preliminary editor screening and anonymized refereeing by at least two referees. The review process contains six steps: 1) evaluation of formal criteria (such as article’s length, references etc.); 2) removing from the article and its metadata author’s personal data; 3) preliminary review by Editorial Office (ethical criteria, scientific character of the article, consistency with the journal’s thematic profile); 4) double-blind peer-review by at least two external reviewers (at least one reviewer is from country other than author’s host country) with the following criteria:scientific significance, originality of methodology/approach, coherent and logical reasoning, clear formulation and achievement of the aim of the article, correctness of reasoning and argumentation, adequacy of the title, appropriate bibliography, graphic ilustration and lenght of the article; the reviewers can choose one of the three options: accept as it stands, accept - subject to revisions, reject; at this stage one negative review is a basis for rejection of the article; 5) revision of the article, based on reviews (if necessary); 6) final acceptance of the article. The same article can be revised only once.