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5(Special Issue)/2006

Iwona Sagan

Contemporary Regional Studies – Theory, Methodology and Practice

Contemporary Regional Studies – Theory, Methodology and Practice

The article was published in Polish in "Studia Regionalne i Lokalne", 2/2004


The paper offers a review of the evolution in defining and describing regions, showing mutual relationships between particular approaches and logical succession between various analytical concepts of the region. The analysis highlights the strong relationship between individual theories and overall social change. Three main approaches to regional research are outlined: the chorological approach, Regional Science and contemporary social and cultural interpretations of the region. Each approach is presented in three perspectives: theoretical, methodological and practical. The changing role and status of geographical research in regional studies is also discussed.

Iwona Sagan: Wydział Oceanografii i Geografii, Uniwersytet Gdański (al. Marszałka Piłsudskiego 46, 81-378 Gdynia); geois@univ.gda.pl